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Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Hehexzx my brother. Look alike not. But I insist on saying I'm the older one. Sheesh Marco's eyebrows so unkempt here haha.

Class Chalet:
OMG hate the East for life. Okay I hate it cause it's well.. in the East. Couldn't the East be more centrally located?!

MRT to the wilderness a.k.a the East.

We got hungry and schemed to ask random guys at the poolside for food because it looked like they had beehoon. Cabbed to Downtown East to buy another bottle cause we finished the one we had brought but grrr new ruling I keep forgetting it; no sale of alcohol after midnight wtfffff annoying!!

Called Geran and he actually came all the way down with his bottle of Smirnoff. Omg his cabfare cost me $40!

But hilarious anyway the guys we had befriended were 16 year olds from Catholic High track and field. Got them very drunk and then I threw peas and corn at them hahahaha.

Can totally be my new hobby! Can barely remember what I was doing after Os.

Haha the sight back at the chalet. 
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