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Sunday, November 02, 2008
Sat for my LAST French paper (essay) on Friday in a classroom in SAJC ALL BY MYSELF. Like, just the invigilator and I. 
"Umm so I guess I can sit anywhere right?"

400 word limit to discuss the merits of aid for developing countries, finished half an hour early but overshot by 40+ words. Cut out 25 words and then gave up because 40 words out of 400 is like half an argument. Better be penalised for word limit than low content... Retardeeeeed the end was like I-stare-at-you-staring-at-me with the invigilator, fogey old man.

Next door was CLB, and exam criteria's just Pass or Fail. They have MCQ?! It's practically impossible to fail. Darrell even forgot to bring his Chinese dictionary. (By the way, no dictionaries for French exam okay)

Darrell: "What's the format?"
Mok: "Does it even matter..."

The past two years come down to the next 3 weeks and how much I can salvage my studies... My first week is REALLY bad-
Monday: GP and Geography
Tuesday: Math P1
Wednesday: Biology P2
Thursday: Chemistry P3
Friday: Math P2

So tomorrow after writing a full essay of around a 1000 words for GP (well I do anyway), a pathetic one hour break for my tortured arm and followed by 3hours of essay-writing for Geog. This is why in Sec2 I tried to become ambidextrous, my writing's somewhat legible but err vastly impermissible. 

Major papers every day, and all of Math within the first week! Friday will see me feeling much more free.

I start ALevels tomorrow, wish me luck!
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