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Friday, November 28, 2008
SO BORED. Sheesh I really thought my post ALevels would be more exciting than this. Could go Zouk but I hate trance and all my fellow trance-haters are gone with the wind. I HAVE EVEN RUN OUT OF THINGS TO DO ONLINE omg the situation is dire.

I could start on Christmas presents. Handmade ones for everybody haha I want to save money. If I don't get a prom dress tomorrow I shall cry. I've a KIV (Keep In View) from Guess, it's reserved for me till tomorrow I think. 

My whole body clock is messed up! Been sleeping around 6am every day, even last night; although I got home before midnight. Got up at 5pm today thisdoesnotbodewell.

I could embark on a compelling discussion regarding any of my random pet topics (which I've yet to concretely establish considering I just decided I should have some) but really I've been sitting here far too long in my pjs and unwashed face and hair, I am a disgrace to society because I am not even out there contributing in the most common way i.e. spending money.
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