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Saturday, November 22, 2008
So today a few minutes ago and to the wails of Sigur Ros, I became completely single (yes completely because I don't know what to define our status as previously). I know you tried, I know I've been a bitch, I know I've said and done very hurtful things. And although I'm the one that wanted this to end, I'm still sitting here crying a little. I'll miss you.

GIRLFRIENDS WHERE ARE YOUUUUUU. Okay actually I know. Jeannie's in NY, Chloe in Malaysia, Addie's busy with her new b. Sob.

Zouk last night:
Guess who has tickets to Zoukout already? You get one free when you recontract with Singtel.

OMG Kenneth picked us up in a VAN HAHAHAHA. 
Chloe: "I thought you were kidding when you said it was a van!!!!"
Kenneth: "But Mercedes van!"
Haha big deal it stalled every time we went over a hump too quickly. Hilarious. Should just have cabbed please hahaha.

Marco brushing his teeth but not like he got mouth-mouth action anyway. And turning very red due to his secret stash of alcohol.

I'm wearing those nu-bra thingys quite relieved/surprised it erm didn't drop off.

Woke up way too early today. Haven't eaten. I've been eating very little I don't know why. Addie they all think I'm like anorexic.............

Sigh fuck this don't know what to do now why is nobody awake.
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