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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
So I was reading mindless atypical articles in a French girl's magazine (aptly titled Girls!) and one was about certain turn-offs in girls that made boys run.
One said he hated dirty nails which is quite understandable I guess, since it reflects rather poorly on the girl's personal hygiene.. Another said he HATES shoes that show the toes!

I have never liked feet cause I consider it yes vital and etc but just.. to be seen. I hate it when people touch my feet and I especially CANNOT STAND people playing with their toes or picking at godknowswhat or whatever.

In Singapore it'd be quite impossible for the second guy to find a girl who won't show her toes (think sandals/slippers). And all in all, I'm sure if the girl is hot (think big boobs) all's forgiven lorzzz, the boys would just overlook the nails/feet/etc....

My cousin's dogs! So cutesy:

Yesterday was an interesting day. Wound up having to kill time at Borders alone for well over 2 hours...
Read The Tales of Beedle the Bard which is pretty stupid but for true Harry Potter fans I guess... Was startled by the insane prices of books these days, and bought George Orwell's 1984.

Watched stupid boys (Marco, Smith and Miguel) blow $100 on 2 jugs of beer (which I hate) hahaha and rode pillion on a motorbike! Was quite scared once Smith started going really fast. Speed is not my friend. I've always been afraid of losing control.
"Mature drinking" at Marco's was reduced to me getting pelted with ice bits sheesh and everyone discussing how best to get a cat drunk (yes this is purely hypothetical).

Slept at 7am and %!#(@%&#* EARLY BIRD Sherry turned up at my place at 10am.
Took photos of clothes we wanted to sell online sob heart pain but at least I'll recoup some of my expenses. Will submit to sgselltrade.lj probably tomorrow, hehezxz faces covered though stealth is my middle name okay it's really Estelle but yeahhh..

Cause I decided that I must use this stupid jacket so it won't feel like such a waste of money.

She says this is "dandelion dressing".

We finally watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Sherry and I are actual fans of the book (yes the film is based on a book) series! Ugh we were very outraged, the lead actress is supposed to be quite hot in the book, but in the film she is highly undeserving of the cute male lead...

Because Sherry's camera has that weird colour selection mode effect:

Haha Sherry just looks mildly amused with me.

Ugh no concrete plans for New Year's Eve tomorrow!

amber lights

Saturday, December 27, 2008
Okay just cause we were mildly fascinated to find ourselves on Stomp:
Huda is vair sad cause her face is mostly obstructed.

This is quite cool! There's one more picture but I look veh unglam..

Took my Basic Theory Test this afternoon, passed! It was harder than the mock ones and I was really quite worried the few seconds it took for the computer to process my answers and screen my result (it's done via touchscreen monitors).

Today was a semi-lousy day. I bought a bag (from Zara Kids please..), shoes and shorts so was mildly happy but felt a bit sick. Headed down to Zouk and then everyone else decided to go to HomeClub instead so I cabbed home. The cab took the exact same route as my bus would have, just that it cost like er $8 more.

Came home and sat beneath my block for a while. I don't know why I feel so lonely nowadays, if it's that people are too busy for me or if it's this bubble I created for myself. I don't know why I've so much pent-up frustration such that the floodgates open at the slightest thing. And one of my last avenues for reaching out feels like it just closed on me.

jingle bells

Friday, December 26, 2008
Dinner at Blue Jazz near Arab Street the other day. Food's not bad but service was pretty slow. A chinaman (he declared this loudly himself) got drunk and was waving his credit card around shouting for the waitress. Seeing adults drunk is really weird.

Haha quite disturbing...

Heads up.

So on Christmas Eve I stayed at home in the usual company of the Internet and random other fellow loners on MSN.

Christmas Day plans to go to the beach were aborted and I met my cousin Jayne instead to go to Butter Factory (again). Free flow till 1am and free entry for girls! Feel infinitely sick just thinking of tequila shots...

With my glostick thingy! BY THE WAY, WHERE IS IT. WHO TOOK IT HOME?! And who's the one who left an OPENED pot of Tiger Balm in my bag?!?!

Jayne's friend on the left, she's from Taiwan and has been featured in every single of Butter Fac's events booklet thingy hahaha.

My mom's top!

Hudaaaa. Stop smoking or you'll burn a hole in your stockings one day (haha).


Jayne, Clara, Huda and I.

Okay this looks quite retarded.

Basic Theory Test tomorrow, ugh bus lane timings and the different road markings vis-a-vis parking are such a bitch. I hope I don't fail, you must get 45 and above out of 50! I mean the questions aren't difficult or anything, but some are tricky and really, only being allowed 5 mistakes seems insane.
Been doing online practice test questions, I just passed a mock one, finally!
Thursday, December 25, 2008
What a miserable Christmas Eve and potentially Christmas too. Noberdy cares and I hate multiple aspects of my life.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Sophie: I'm at Butter Factory at Robertson Quay
Mother: Okay bring me back 2 bricks of butter

?! haha seriously......

So Kimberly and I put on our cheerleading skirts cause the theme was Superhero and Villains and Kimberly got the bright idea that our cheer skirts look vaguely superhero-ish. Needless to say, epic fail. People were just like "picture of the 2 cheerleaders please!"

At least I wore my Superman ring! AND DID ANYONE NOTICE, Bella Swan in Twilight wore the exact same F21 wooden bracelet as I am in this photo in the bedroom scene when she and Edward kissed! Haha that was mildly amusing.

Oh yeah, I tied my hair in pigtails.

Eventually I got bored of my Santa hat and threw it into the crowd.

Haha okay this looks mildly wrong..

What a boring Christmas Eve. I woke up at 5pm from a horrifying nightmare! In it I saw a little girl get butchered by a woman with an axe (like for the first blow the women swung the axe at her face...) and no one knew who the next victim was going to be and there was no time to escape. So terrified, I didn't dare go back to sleep in case I re-entered my nightmare.

SHEESH my mom is sleeping and I have no food, like not even rice. I MAY END UP EATING MAGGI FOR CHRISTMAS EVE. And it's raining.
This is my first Christmas in Singapore since 2000! For the past like 7 years I've been spending Christmas in France where it's very traditional, with the rushing down to open presents on Christmas morning, log cakes and Christmas songs and etc.

Feels like a normal day here brrrr and does no one wish Merry Christmas on the day itself anymore? Like wishes have been coming in from Monday already haha.