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Thursday, December 11, 2008
Back from Zouk a while ago (plus minus a few games of Word Challenge on Facebook). Brought my glowing stick thingys + random drinks= I still see lights now.

But guess who took care of _____ and her respective boyfriend sheesh both got very high and I never really got to go back into Zouk. I even smuggled glasses of water out of Zouk by putting them in my bag! Good Friend Award to me x1000 okay maybe not always sorry ):

Old church friend haha.

Paul TOEhill was there for some Asian Tv stars event or whatever hi loser.

Another friend who got high tsk.

SAJC full force! Okay missing Amanda Lim and Addie (the traitor).

So many people are going to USA but no one has brought me back what I want yet- those caps where you attach canned drinks on each side and then drink from them via a straw, hands free woohoo.

Sleepy time, I have for mission tomorrow to teach a friend conversational French, no hope really, it takes years to learn French properly!
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