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Wednesday, December 03, 2008
Pictures from Prom on Monday at Fullerton and Post-Prom and still more to come. Prom pictures first! Slept at 7am on the day of my prom and got up at 3pm sheesh.

Met Chloe who wanted to get a French manicure so I got it too and it took 2HOURS OMG and wasn't even cheap like $32. SO I INSIST, you open one of the pictures at least once to check out my nails hahaha.
Had my hair trimmed; it's so short now sob ):

Operation Prom Emergency! SPEED SPEED; no time to do brows, hair (besides boringly letting it down..) etc whatever. Did our makeup ourselves and at the end of it all we were like.. "We look the same leh like everyday still look like this" haha.
Prom started at 6.30pm but we left my house at 7.30pm! Arrived very late but no matter luckily we did cause the guest-of-honour only came at.. 8pm.




Carmen and Peiling, 2 of my classmates.

HAHAHA our friends came to crash, seriously they've like nothing better to do. They stayed with us the whole night through prom and post-prom hahaha.

Joshua Mok! Most enthusiastic fellow post-prom organiser. Calls me like every night to chase me to do something, so much so that at one point I knew his number by heart haha.

Chloe and Mok.

Chloe, Sarah

Chloe, Jeannie, Addie, Sarah

Haha Kuoloon and Rachel

Chloe, Addie, Jeannie and Shaun

SAJC but backward! Omg I never realised before but: Sophie Addie Jeannie Chloe spells SAJC!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like so cool cosmic coincidence!

Jeannie and Chloe

Carmen, rich girl haha.

Clair, Gracia, Carmen and Peiling. My source of everything in class!

Haha by the way, whenever you see a photo of me and someone near stairs, it means he's standing on a step cause I'm taller haha.

Haha cause they wanted to do slut pose or something but sheesh I am the only one doing.




Jem Ong

Sam Thio aka Polar Bear haha


Gus. Or Augustus haha.

Diana and Eugene cause Diana's camera ran out of memory.

Roy Tong

Diana. OoH smouldering gazes Diana haha.



Clarissa my R.Gym captain and Jeannie


Eugene my class rep!

Ming Jiang

Yijie. Who came after prom please weirdoooooo haha.

The food wasn't bad, although I did wish we had gotten more scallops!

Body clock really totally upside down now sleeping at 7am. Like I actually have to speedily go brush my teeth etc once I hear my mom's alarm go cause errr it'd be kind of weird to still see me when she's like getting ready for work and I haven't even slept yet.
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