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SAJC Post Prom

Thursday, December 04, 2008
SAJC Post Prom at Arena on Monday pictures! There are alot more on facebook zomg.
Post Prom was quite fun like we got to see a totally different and WiLd side to our schoolmates haha. Feet were dying by the end but I hardly get to wear heels so I persisted. Jeannie looks insanely happy in the pictures awww so sweet.

First up is photo with Short Girl Shann Long cause I dropped by at CJC's post prom at Attica.

Daryl Chan!

Okay and here with all the pretty effects are from the photographer we hired which is really Marisse and her friend.

Hahaha cause I thought this was funny.


There was this group of random people that came to our post prom, including this pretty angmoh girl. Haha she and one of the guys were making out very very enthusiastically on the dancefloor like come-bite-my-necklace and straddling him and etc erm hahaha but she would just turn to us and laugh.


Haha cause this is damn erm...

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