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Thursday, December 18, 2008
Seriously I nearly killed myself uploading the 83 photos from yesterday. That's like 16x of the stupid Blogger photo uploader, and till now I have no idea why you can't upload more than 5 photos at once.

So Arena+Attica+Zouk yesterday!

Got the Phuture chop at Zouk then as usual headed to Clarke Quay for all the Ladies' Night free flow of drinks virtually everywhere (except Zouk...).
Arena for lychee martinis and cosmopolitans! Hehehz we have like 12 girls and a very efficient queueing up system to maximise drink rounds hahaha okay loserz.

Attica later where we got pink champagnes, tequila shots and mixes. Yes so wawawee that's why you'll see how Jeannie turned out later (although we all drank the same amount Jeannie........).

With Kimberly (camwhore no.1)


Lychee martini

Hahaha. Okay front very bland sorry.

Kimberly has gross ideas.

Walking to Attica.

Eunice Chye!

Lemon from the tequila shots.

Seriously no idea what I was doing but suddenly I imagined an animal in the photo would be good..

Disclaimer by the way Jeannie and I are not smokers just poseurz social smokerz sorryz.

Slut shot! Chloe epic fail.


More slut shots.


Hahahaha cause I thought that it was damn funny he couldn't get in. He's a random tourist we met in the queue for bag drop and he kept complaining in his Australian accent haha.

Back to Zouk, I remember in the cab I was asking the cabby if I could drive and if it's fun and etc haha.

Haha sorry I've alot of lame back shots cause front very boring...

WELL DONE JEANNIE. There are worse shots but she'll kill me if I put those up I think haha.

Sean Seah, schoolmate. Zouk very cold need to wear scarf (snort).

With the birthday tiara we bought for Diana!

Hat from don't know who again and Joseph who makes the most idiotic faces while dancing.

Most childish conversation ever at Spize later, haven't laughed so hard in a while. Intellectual level down to zero at our table I quote Jude but he has the lamest jokes EVER.

Chloe claims it'll be her last time clubbing haha we shall see. I can't believe Christmas is next week, we have no plans as of yet and I've no present ideas!

OMG I just remembered (from the pain) that I TRIPPED last night outside Zouk sheesh embarrassing hahahahahaha like I fell at the curb and everyone around was like woah. I've scratches on my foot now sob.

Okay mild regrets from yesterday like i.e. tripping but nothing major so overall I classify it a Fun Night!

STILL HAVE NOT WATCHED TWILIGHT. Failed 3 days in a row, if we don't watch it today Jeannie will kill us she can't wait to swoon to cheesy romance stories...
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