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Friday, December 26, 2008
Dinner at Blue Jazz near Arab Street the other day. Food's not bad but service was pretty slow. A chinaman (he declared this loudly himself) got drunk and was waving his credit card around shouting for the waitress. Seeing adults drunk is really weird.

Haha quite disturbing...

Heads up.

So on Christmas Eve I stayed at home in the usual company of the Internet and random other fellow loners on MSN.

Christmas Day plans to go to the beach were aborted and I met my cousin Jayne instead to go to Butter Factory (again). Free flow till 1am and free entry for girls! Feel infinitely sick just thinking of tequila shots...

With my glostick thingy! BY THE WAY, WHERE IS IT. WHO TOOK IT HOME?! And who's the one who left an OPENED pot of Tiger Balm in my bag?!?!

Jayne's friend on the left, she's from Taiwan and has been featured in every single of Butter Fac's events booklet thingy hahaha.

My mom's top!

Hudaaaa. Stop smoking or you'll burn a hole in your stockings one day (haha).


Jayne, Clara, Huda and I.

Okay this looks quite retarded.

Basic Theory Test tomorrow, ugh bus lane timings and the different road markings vis-a-vis parking are such a bitch. I hope I don't fail, you must get 45 and above out of 50! I mean the questions aren't difficult or anything, but some are tricky and really, only being allowed 5 mistakes seems insane.
Been doing online practice test questions, I just passed a mock one, finally!
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