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Sunday, December 14, 2008
Zouk on Friday and ZoukOut on Saturday!

Going to Zouk on Friday was a little impromptu so I re-wore shitty clothes sob.....
Ahem queued all the way at the back for Phuture and I actually ate a burger while queuing haha.

Got the chop then followed SiangKoon and some others to go drinking.

Eunice Chye from CJC and Jeannie

Front: Eunice, Jeannie and Siangkoon and I
Back: Jasmine, Amanda, Felicia, Ailin and Maryanne


Hehehzx schoolmate Sean Seah haha.

Jeannie and Marcus Ong

Val Chua. And sorry middle finger was totally not intentional!

Dawn, Val, Jeannie and I

Took the hat from random guy near us.

Haha Jeannie was in a horrendous mood omg scary like sheesh most people drink supposed to get happy no? Actually I think drinking just brings out the extremes like either sad or happy. Anyway Jeannie stayed in the toilet for very long so we went to see and she like screamed at us FUCK OFF!! haha.

Supper somewhere in River Valley where Marco tried to convince the restaurant owner to change its name to Ghetto Spize (Spize is a really successful eatery near Zouk) and I threw meegoreng into his bag haha 10points to me!

ZoukOut on Saturday!
Messy, sweaty, sticky and EXPENSIVE. But nice ambience I guess like everyone's in revelry mode!

Anyway I don't find ZoukOut very dangerous or anything (aside from the fact that everyone is dressed erm really skimpily).
1) It's hard to get high/drunk unless you like really want to cause they serve semi-shitty mixes and what most people did was bring a bottle and sit OUTSIDE ZoukOut and drink there. And I've no idea why anyone wants to get high at ZoukOut cause it's really gross like imagine lying on the sand and etc like unglam+gross to the max.
2) Everyone's sticky and gross so I'm zero physical contact with anyone, I don't know how some can still like hardcore dancing or whatever haha. And theoretically there is unlimited dance area cause it's just the whole beach, so no chance for random gropers/molesters.
3) There are no dark corners for people to disappear off to. There are people in every possible place within ZoukOut itself...

Alot of girls in bikinis and topless guys wawawee! Haha but just as many people who erm.. really shouldn't be in bikinis like e.g. pregnant women........

There are so many stages of checking. First up is making sure you've no outside food... So that you're forced to buy exorbitantly priced food inside ZoukOut.

Next up would be id check, then bag check and even body check by patting down/metal detector!

And Chloe must have a very suspicious face.... They didn't even ask for my ic and I didn't get body check at all whereas Chloe got it every time without fail hahahaha.

Food tents and stuff. I spent $30 on food can cry ): but okay at least I got my ZoukOut ticket free.

A bottle of water is $4. Old Chang Kee sells every item at $2. Frolick yoghurt costs $6 without toppings. Etc etc etc sheesh!

Anyway it's like smokers' paradise haha cause you can smoke anywhere although Chloe says she got stubbed like all over.

Haha that's my church friend Rachel.

Diana and I.

Huda, Jeannie, Chloe and I

With my glowing stick things again!

At Mambo/RnB area. They played Mambo till 2am then RnB/HipHop rest of the night.

Mambo King in black! And all the faithful Mambo followers beside him haha.

THE TEENAGERS at Velvet Arena.
There are 3 stages by the way. The Main Arena, Velvet Arena and the Mambo/RnB Stage.

Marisse, Kenneth, Marco and Chloe.

HAHA random dude really erm.. into the music.

Okay Caleb was supposed to be in this shot but he jumped out so you can get to see Diana grooving instead...

Haha Siangkoon in the background with his Mambo moves.

Jeannie, Diana, Huda and unglam Addie.


Yeah Sophie's face takes the cake.


I resisted sitting down on the sand all the way till 2am wow good job to me.

Random people.


Omg and Alex (?) joined in the photo hahaha.

And Chloe's shades cause she claims we'll look very unglam the next day. Which we did.

I remember us saying that actually ZoukOut is quite a lame name... like imagine MOS-Out or now ZircaOut since MOS has been renamed Zirca. But I guess it's just because it's become a household term.
Like honestly Topshop is a really stupid name hahaha but say if a supermarket TopMart became famous, no one would think twice about the name anymore either.

We left ZoukOut around 6.30am, total nightmare getting out. Obviously calling a cab was a total no-go so we had to queue for the shuttle. We should have just gotten a hotel room in Sentosa tsk then we could have gone swimming!

Bye bye I'm watching Twilight tomorrow!
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