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Friday, January 23, 2009
So Swing is a real nutcase because she was still quite keen to go to Zouk on Wednesday night even though she has school at 8am, a project to complete by then and also a test.

She came over to my place direct from her school (meaning she had to borrow top+shorts from me to wear) in the UGLIEST CLOTHES EVER hahaha like she was in hideous bright blue basketball shorts (you know how long they are...) and a dark blue big baggy tshirt. I got the shock of my life when I opened my door.

This was totally an accident, I didn't mean to take a picture of him at all. But oh well, the tail lights of the cars ahead look quite pretty.

HAHA Swing memorizing IC details. Sheesh like seriously I memorized them better than her and I'm not even the one needing someone else's IC.

Ahem anyway so we wound up at Butter Factory instead after a hearty dinner at the usual Prata Paradise opposite Zouk hahaha.
Okay I've no idea when Butter Factory is officially closing to move to its new location, they've supposedly been "closing down" for god knows how long already, like seriously the official final party was weeks ago.

This is because I insisted on a swing photo. And that was really retarded cause I kept saying "I want a swing photo!" and I'd be answered "Swing's beside you. It's already a Swing photo"  
-_- (this shall be the only time I use such a retarded smiley).

Met a French guy! He's here via the CrowdSurfing initiative, if you haven't heard about it; it's where you bunk in at a stranger's house in another country.

Anyway he is. VERY TALL. Omg I mean seriously, I stand at 172/174cm so I am quite rarely awed by another person's height. But he is 198cm!
His name is Blaise something (and that is quite a rare name; I've rarely heard of it and even if so, it was generally on a girl...) and obviously his eyes aren't black, that's just Macintosh IPhoto's auto red-eye removal zzzzz.

K whatever this photo is just cause I was so astounded by his height.

Oh something fairly amusing happened. This random tall angmoh guy (Butter Factory was pretty crowded with them that night) came over to where we were dancing. He then took my right hand and Swing's left hand and leaned down to kiss me on the cheek and then proceeded to do the same with Swing. 
Haha we were so startled. The angmoh guy then simply sauntered off to dance with equally weird girl onstage okay random; I just got a French greeting (kiss on cheek) from a total stranger.

Left pretty early since as aforementioned, Swing had school and she was staying over at my place. 
So here I am sitting in front of my computer at 5.49am (yes I actually prepared this when we got home but didn't post it up) while she is sleeping in my bed. The retard is getting up at 6am for school. I really wasn't planning on being ahem.... so considerate by staying up so she can have my bed all to herself but oh well, the Internet is fascinating.
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