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Sunday, January 11, 2009
BORED. I slept at 9am and got up at 2pm because my mom was making such a racket going through my closet and asking where xxxx top is so that she can wear it- "Eh you got nice tops ah" and going on about how it's good that we can share clothes. And although she's like 157cm and I'm 172cm, we're also the same size for shoes. No not because her feet are humongous, mine are just pretty small.

Last night was just random. Met Chloe and Jeannie to study for our SATs which are in 2 weeks and really, I'm not even sure why we're taking it since none of us want to study in USA. Met up with more people and we wound up at Arab Street for shisha where we played ALL the stupid trick games like "How many mehmeh jump over the wall?" or "The light bounces from this bottle, to the window, then to town. Where does it bounce to next?" (btw not going to say the answers haha I took AGES to get the light-bounce one back in Sec4).

After that was old-school drinking like you know; the going to 7-11, buying a bottle and mixers and then sitting somewhere and playing drinking games like how we did back in Sec4/J1. Did the most embarrassing dares EVER, Swing I hate you for your stupid suggestions!!!!!

I just baked frozen pizza and this may seem frightening but it's SPINACH flavour. I used to find this irrefutably the most vile pizza topping imaginable, but Sherry baked it for my birthday picnic and then I got hooked.

Diana: "Do you think we're wasting our lives sitting here?"
Sophie: "Do you want a piece of skin from my lip?". Haha okay that kind of broke all possibility of any meaningful conversation but yes I have dry lips. I told them about how I keep locks of my hair to give to people to keep (I have given one out already) so they think I'm "fucking weird" sheeeeeeesh.

Gonna go write in my diary now! Yes I have one, it's where all the non-stupid stuff goes kbye.
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