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Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm quite sure none of my neighbours read my blog. Or the Neighborhood Watch either, if it still exists. Not that my estate has one anyway. I think.

My day today was indubitably exciting. Let's see... I got up at 3pm and then cleaned the house (back-breaking. I deem this child labour) and fell asleep again while reading a book. At this moment there are only 3 people I wish to see. But it doesn't matter, I'm alone at home and just now I wondered if I were to choose my dying moment, who I would want there and why. Or if there should be people there at all. After all, we are one in the world, and the world in one.

Okay I just googled my last line cause I thought I had heard it somewhere but I didn't find it anywhere (so I guess I should thank my muse) and instead got linked to things like "one solution for world peace". And one suggestion was- WIPE OFF ISREAL AND ZIONISM errr. Haha like that would solve everything. Seriously I can't believe websites titled JihadWatch exist. I mean duh I know they do but it's kind of surreal....

P.S. Yes I think I'd like to have people with me when I die.
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