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Thursday, January 15, 2009
Finally managed to open my hotmail after god knows how long. #%@$&@ Hotmail, even when I can open mails it just keeps switching to some stupid ad banner and I've to refresh to get the page again.
And it's only pure chance that I opened my personal hotmail cause usually it's just clogged up with Facebook notifications and I've just about given up on hotmail, and it was really cruel cause I kept getting jammed at the same page due to the ad banner and seeing the same Dearest Sophie email over and over again.

Let's see, what other sad things in my life?
Sophie: "I feel like eating."
Sean: "You always feel like eating".

That, and my online shopping still has not arrived after 2weeks! Sob hope it wasn't lost in the mail.

Kkkkz will probably delete this post if I blog about Zouk later. I'm the one with all the photos since I'm #1 Efficient Official Camera of the Night, aka Facebook-ed within the hour I get home, but there's Stomp photos too hahaha Huda wants to create a Stomp photo album on Facebook....

Oh and about Facebook, seriously I hate uploading the photos. As in it's damn fast for me cause I use a Mac which mass uploads, it even creates the Facebook album and etc for you, while rotating requires just clicking command+R. 
But like doesn't it feel all... jammed up to have a few thousand photos linked to your profile?Which is why I don't mind being the one uploading albums cause I don't tag myself. Haha highest tagged photo count I've seen so far was 3874 but that was a couple of days ago maybe it's gone up.... Mine's at 211 photos now okay time to untag; am trying to keep it below 200.
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