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Wednesday, January 21, 2009
"I panicked, and the pigeon panicked," and that was when the Coke I was drinking went up my nose because I started laughing at the sheer ludicrousness of the situation.

Let's see... yesterday I ate 3 ice-creams and watched 10 episodes of Family Guy.

"Eh I'm at Mustafa!"
"HUH?! With who??"
Today, I explored Mustafa alone. Against popular belief, there isn't much to buy there. The stuff's pretty cheap but you know how anything that seems too good to be true probably is. Like how they always say super cheap perfume is probably diluted or will give you rashes or something. And this goes for the cheap perfume stores at Far East Plaza and Chinatown too, not just Little India.

Handphone still on the Zoukout lanyard after (failed) bicycle expedition.

And this was my vantage point as I settled down on a low wall with dim sum and my bottle of Coke. Yes I know I was in Little India and hence should try the local fare there but I've never been adventurous with food and at least I resisted buying from the McDonald's across the street.

I spent close to 2 hours roaming the streets in Mustafa vicinity and just being plugged into my Ipod. No idea how the time passed really, and I wasn't particularly worried about how to get home cause when you have 15 buses stopping at your place, you get pretty confident that wherever you are you're bound to find some way back.

And here I stumbled across a flea market:

There was alot of army stuff being sold.

And FREAKING ALOT OF CHARGERS. I have no idea how all the stall (if you can even call them that) owners get themselves so many chargers.

Haha Chairman Mao statue.

There were quite a few nice vintage bags here and there but I don't really need any more. Super alot of Louis Vuitton bags too, most of which I'm quite sure are fake, but there were a couple which may have been real. Hard to say oh well they weren't that nice anyway.

Sorry for the blurry picture, but I had to snap this quickly cause another woman came rushing along to snatch it up (in fact you can even see a little blur on the bottom left which is her approaching). Sheesh and I was quite seriously contemplating withdrawing money to buy it ($30) cause it's quite cool to have such a luggage! But I only had $10 cash and it is highly doubtful that they accept Nets..

Roller skates! Omg so old school. I remember how back in P2, when I was still living in France, one of my CCAs was roller-skating haha. We'd don a leotard and skate in circles round the gymnasium and learn to jump and stuff. (But nothing fancy please I was only 7. All we did was nonsense like jump over lines and skate with one foot lifted etc.)

Bye bye!
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