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Sunday, January 18, 2009
Woah woah woah ughhhhhh kkkkk. That made about as much sense as my dog trying to talk. And I don't even have a dog.

I'm currently stuck between trying to sort my thoughts out and not succeeding, as well as trying not to think at all. The only thing that is evident is that well, life kinda sucks now and although I have all the time in the world, I never seem to have enough of it for myself.

Chinese New Year is when again? I need to procure myself some books to occupy my time in between eating and the mandatory bouts of happynewyears when some relative or another arrives.

Oh and now when I think of university and looking forward to it (this is once again very optimistically assuming I can get into one), it is because I am already contemplating what stationery to use (new pencilcase? new notebook? decorate notebook? ink pen? ballpoint pen?) as well as how I shall bring my Mac along everyday so that I can take pictures using Photobooth during lectures. Wawawee to me. 
This is also not forgetting the dilemmas of girls across Singapore w.r.t university, i.e. what bag to carry/what clothes to wear/how much makeup to put on.

Bye bye I've church tomorrow, after which I also have a very important mission!!!!!!!! (VIM) a.k.a Chinese New Year shopping. Hmm pictures from erm Zouk on Friday night later sheesh I am terribly adventurous can't believe I wound up there again, but the sausages this time were good (:

[/edit] with pictures from Friday:

The cleaning lady in the toilet was very nervous about handling my camera and totally missed the shot... okay never mind Swing looks fine haha.

VERY UNGLAM but hehezx finally featuring my beloved Zouk sausages. Okay usually I don't put this much mustard on it.

Tomorrow I will (aim) to start looking in the Recruit section! In the meantime, I'm quite happy with my new eyeliner. Also, it is 8.51pm and I am going cycling teehee wow me so sporty!!! No actually I'm cycling to go get dessert later alligators.
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