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Sunday, January 04, 2009
Yesterday saw us at Butter Factory for their closing night (they're moving) and as farewell party for the boys going off to NS! Guestlist for everyone cause Jesse got tables. Butter Factory was full house yesterday, probably the first time that the VIP/Members queue was longer than the normal queue.
Sad life, Chloe and I reached after midnight and the rest had already finished the first bottle. Contributed $10 for the second bottle (ahem the rest didn't even pay ahem ahem) and then rotted too long at 7-11 such that by the time we came back the second bottle was finished too!!! Zzzz so the whole night all I had was Pokka Peach Tea wawawee to me...

Hehehzx attempting Diana's over-the-shoulder camera pose. Okay fundamental error I'm not supposed to tilt my head down.

No idea what Gus and Martin are doing...

With Stefik! Haha he's a Butter Fac. regular.

Vair glam Joshua Mok. Seriously he got pretty high and hence stupid but then again he's always stupid.

You see the hand with the black nail polish? No it's not a girl's. It's Roy Tong's hand.

The part-time maid is on holiday so for these 2weeks my mom's gonna pay me to clean the house hahaha. Beats working retail/office, a part-time maid gets $10 and hr but retail/office get like $5.50-$7.00 or something. Haha plus I can just roll out of bed at anytime to do it. Washing dishes etc can't be that hard anyway...
My mom's way too free she just typed and printed out a list for me titled Household chores for the bum daughter, Sophie - w.e.f 5 Jan 2009.

Need to get my Provisional Driving License asap so I can start practical lessons! Signed up for my Final Theory Test already, it's next month. I think I'm gonna take manual instead of auto like most girls do, never know when I might need to drive a lorry hahahaha. 
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