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Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Since you can cook, you can stay home and be a househusband. I'll bring home the bacon".
"I can do both. Would you rather have a wedding near the sea or in the mountains?"
"I want an open-concept kitchen."
"Okay. Wait, why are you deciding? I'm the one cooking."

Bye bye! Flying off in about 11hours. I've checked out the attractions at Hong Kong Disneyland, and I'm all ready to work my POSB card at DFS at Terminal 1. Not to mention H&M in Hong Kong and whatever other shopping.
There's a computer there so I'll try to update if it's not too inconvenient. Back 4th March, everyone please behave on my tagboard k tata!

shooting star

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
I'm moving on. But often I remember things and settle into this turbid little corner of myself. I can't decide if I feel entirely void; or if I'm bursting with emptiness. However odd that sounds. I went back and read some old stuff and sat here and cried. The mementoes are slowly fading away and I'm not going back.

hello sunshine

Monday, February 23, 2009
Mommy: Maid complained. She's not cleaning yr room anymore until u throw out some of e junks.
Sophie: Hahaha
Mommy: Dun u hahaha... u dirty girl! Thot only boys are like dat! Shame on u! Very soon u'll get maggots growing in yr room - I am serious!


Heading down to Zouk at 3am on a Saturday night. Trolley rides on Sunday night at Holland.

(Swing is damn camwhore. Just imagine all the self-shots she has in her own phone...). No pictures with me at Zouk cause I was rewearing a fairly recent outfit, don't judge me.

Chloe, Swing and I went to Sentosa to tan today. Don't know if many noticed, but it happened to be raining buckets sob sob. It was so hot in the morning but dark clouds began gathering around noon.

Both shades are mine. We got on the wrong tram but it doesn't matter when you're never in a hurry to go anywhere anyway.

We went to Cafe del Mar. You can use the facilities (beds, showers, pool etc) as long as you order. Their nachos and the respective dips are teh sexxx.

Hehezxz still pigging out. We ordered nachos and fish and chips.

This was while we were huddled under a little shelter waiting for the rain to stop. God knows why we ever left the sanctuary of Cafe del Mar. Sheesh Chloe kept threatening to burn me; like I'd feel heat and open my eyes (protected by my shades...) to a flame because I wouldn't share my towel with her and she refused to dirty her own.

Loser is still squatting while both Swing and I fell asleep waiting for the sun to come out.

My sheer dress...

Met up with Jeannie, Brandon and Rudy at Lido. Watched He's just not that into you which was quite good. Funniest were the atypical cheesy lines like "you are my exception" and we all turn to look at Brandon (new age sensitive guy and etc etc) because he's bound to have liked it.

Just like the first time I met him-
Sophie: "Omg the 'You're my personal brand of heroin' line in Twilight was damn lame please."
Brandon: "I put it on my facebook profile...".

Oh and I did get slightly burnt from Sentosa today! Flying off this Thursday for Hong Kong, k everyone better miss me.

and so it is

Friday, February 20, 2009
Met Ben the other day before he flies back to Aussie, it's been a year since we've seen him! HuNg ouTz at Serangoon Garden's Frolick since Jeannie was due to start work in about an hour anyway.

My rings.

Eh like got bangs! Maybe I'll go get full-blown bangs one day but kind of lazy cause bangs really require maintenance. Most hideous is when you get these random partings.

Haven't seen the rat in ages since she ditched us all for her boyfriend. Har har we didn't even remember to invite her for Chloe's birthday since we hardly see her.

Got my poor foot mangled (okay stepped on) by one of Brandon's drunk female friends. It hurt so bad that I started crying and I screamed at him although of course it wasn't exactly his fault. Bruising appeared straight away....

And we're really so unfit, I remember how Chloe kept complaining of a stitch while dancing hahahaha as did Jeannie this time.

Oh and a girl wore the EXACT SAME outfit as Jeannie did, down to the leggings and hair. Jeannie was so anal about avoiding her, going as far as running away alone when she came nearby...

Extreme Titillation, Graveyards and Jagerbombs.

Brandon complained his eyebags were too big and subsequently spent all following photos being all pesky about them. I told him to tilt his head up so they'd be less obvious (I have a rather substantial amount of experience with eyebags...).

See he's tilting!

What succinct depiction of our friendship.

I just joined two F21 sprees. Bought random stuff like toe rings and key covers! Chloe's birthday; turning 19 now doesn't seem very exciting. 

Watched Slumdog Millionaire the other day, was a bit draggy. I liked the scene of the male lead looking down at the female lead in the train station and she's bathed in this dazzling sunlight that makes the whole setting look so ethereal.

The Indian accents were kind of funny though, like how at the final reunion she says "I thought we'd only meet in death" but it comes out I tod wid only meet in deat (yes the "death" was really pronounced devoid of a h) and that totally just killed the line for me. No offence though, and overall I would definitely say the film is worth watching.