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Monday, February 09, 2009
My today was rather short.. got up at 5pm and had my 3rd visit to Serangoon Gardens. 2 free cups of yoghurt from Jeannie, studied for my Final Theory Test and smashed up Rudy's tissue prata. Home before midnight, tempted to go cycling but that'd mean I've to shower and I lazy.... (HAHA).

Another guest dj at Zouk on Saturday night, Andy Moor, which Chloe heard as Mandy Moore. That made us all question whether we'd go if it really were Mandy Moore (this is obviously very unlikely); Jeannie definitely, me out of curiosity and Chloe no way. What exciting conversational topics we have these days.

Flaming Lamborghini (I've no idea why most drinks have such names. Later on they ordered another shot called Extreme Titillation..).

Sophie is very good, she stayed away from the Flamings and etc and stuck to Jagerbombs (it's a drink where you drop a shot into a glass of Red Bull).

That drink is called Hot and Sticky.

SAJC photo but missing Gus.

Soccer, soccer, ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB, soccer, rhythmic gym, rhythmic gym, soccer.

Haha bumped into Winnie again.

Nicest cab car number ever!

Sophie: "No hot guys please."
Sean: "That's because they're all in front of you". WTH HAHAHA okay in case you don't get it, he's referring to himself and the other soccer boys.

One new experience to add to the list! Visited a cemetery after midnight with Jeannie, Brandon, Swing etc etc. Jude was very excited, he wanted to see something and set ground rules like "no mentioning names" (epic failure here), "no looking up at the trees" and "all look in the same general direction".

Jude says I'm the bravest girl he knows! Because while Jeannie and Swing were busy clinging to ahem.. boys behind, Jude, Seonghoon and I were walking in front and not even huddling or whatever.
Beginning was a little creepy, but as long as you have faith and think logically, it stopped being scary. It's like how when you see a weird shape, you know you're freaked out because of the anticipation and mood, so you tell yourself to calm down and look carefully, to realize that it's just a statue or a weird-looking tree.

But yeah Swing says she can see stuff.. and she saw people watching us. Okay it's late at night, I'm getting creeped out; better not think about it.

Back to my place for old-school games like pick-up sticks and Jenga and as usual Jude and Brandon began harmonizing, but at least they have good voices so it's okay. Most childish game of Bluff ever, and McDonalds (40 nuggets woohoo) so it was all good.
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