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Thursday, February 05, 2009
Headed down to Haji Lane to visit Marisse working at Tammy's Ohsofickle shop, and found a discarded chair with a wheel missing. 
Woohoo Smith rolled me down Haji Lane and across the road, and then literally made me sign an I.O.U a chair ride...

Butter Factory at night again till it closes at 3am, then down to Zouk cause at that hour they don't bother checking for chops anymore.

(He's wearing the same shirt as in the previous photo post... Altogether now, ewwwwww).

With Winnie Heng. Seriously, she belts out Hokkien songs and takes off her heels to shuffle hahaha. And speaks almost entirely in Chinese. It's so odd to have to follow a conversation in Chinese, but I can understand it!

Good job Seonghoon. He actually tripped outside Butter and spent 5mins cursing and swearing at the floor. And then proceeded to fall flat on his back.

So today I went for my first driving lesson. My instructor says I can drive except that my weakness is always wanting to go fast... Hehezxz Sophie fast&furious!
But 1.5hours going down the same Ubi roads is enough to make anyone bored. And yes I am still taking manual! I stalled so many times haha.

Next lesson on Sunday, and Final Theory Test (FTT) next Wednesday! Oh wait, I don't even have the Final Theory book yet...

Visiting Jeannie working at Frolick-
Sophie: "So I cycled here, Chloe went jogging and Diana did 50 crunches yesterday. And what are you doing? Eating yoghurt."
(Don't underestimate the potency of yoghurt; it may seem healthy, but this is not the case when Jeannie eats about 10 cups of it when she works)
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