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Sunday, February 08, 2009
So on Friday I met up with 2 ex-New Face finalists from my year, Tabatha and Emiko. I arrived er.. 1.5hours late.

Tabatha and Emiko behind. Tabatha's half English and Emiko is from Myanmar.

THE FEW GIRLS I KNOW WHO ARE AS TALL AS ME. Emiko was the tallest contestant for my year. 177 I think? Can't remember.

Haha I insisted on this photo because I pay $xx for this top because of the back.

Ahem I have the smallest feet. They are envious. Very. They are both like, size 9 hahaha and always complain about difficulties in finding cheap, atypical mass-produced shoes. I'm a size 5/6 which is generally what most 1.6m-ish Singapore girls are so shoes are pretty easy to find.

Nothing very exciting to signal. I am.. let's see.. the same weight. The same height. I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button the other day, which was not bad but really could have been shorter. We bought the 12.50am tickets, and were appalled to realise we'd only get out of the cinema around 4am because the show is 2hours45mins.

I'd make a good anorexic because I only seem to have one meal a day. And no I am really not dieting or whatever.
Like yesterday I got up at 12.30pm and had nothing other than 2 small slices of fruitcake (which I hate) and then dinner only at 8.30pm. One sausage from Zouk from then till dinner today around 8pm again. So that's 24hours subsisting on one sausage? I don't know, it's like I just don't really feel hungry. At least I put on 2kg from December.

Drove home for my 2nd driving lesson today! That's quite fast right?? Getting a bit freaked out by my instructor though; he told me to call him if I wanted a lift home after midnight instead of cabbing, and patted my head saying "good girl" for some good maneuver or another. CREEPY. He's quite patient with me though. I stalled fewer times this round!

Okay heading to town now bye bye. Pictures from Zouk yesterday another time. Meow meow hisszxz hisszxz.
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