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Sunday, February 01, 2009
One kinky bathroom coming right up!

Swing: "Eh Jude's driving today, we come pick you up."
Sophie: "Oh okay, when?"
Swing: "Ten minutes."

Superhuman effort to change out of pjs, choose which 3 of my 6 bikini tops to bring, as well as pack 3 pairs of shorts and 2 towels (this of course also involves deciding which bag to carry first), all within the allocated time.
Makeup done in the car- I know, I amaze myself too!

Jude's renting a car every weekend to practice driving.. Money out the window seriously $_$ but haha I am considering it too. (Once I get my license that is). Anyway, so down to Sean's other empty house which has a pool woohoo.

This is the bathroom in the master bedroom. Kinky not haha.

What a total waste of an empty house!

All not mine ahem. And I didn't take these photos either.

Ah yes so I brought 3 bikinis and 3 pairs of shorts so that no one has any excuse to not swim (this of course only applies to the girls; not that boys can't wear bikinis if they want to but yeah...). And 2 towels! Sophie thinks of everything.

Emo crooner.

Family dinner today! Aunt makes a joke about erm.. masturbation and the cousins are all like shh not in front of the kids! And I'm just thinking how my nephew is 13 years old, and most of my male friends said they started "happy alone time" at 12. Creepy...... He still looks so young to me. I mean really, he just got a scientific calculator!

Watched High School Musical again with my little niece. I know the songs... but hate Gabriella and the whole concept of HSM anyway bah whatever, attribute it to teenage angst and what not.

I is go eat some ham.
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