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Hong Kong Day 2, 3, 4

Thursday, March 05, 2009
I'm back! Plane reached Singapore yesterday a full 30 minutes late although we left on time, coupled with the worst plane jerks I have ever experienced. But this time we smuggled Burger King onto the plane, so beat that you cheapskate Jetstar corporates!!!

Anyway, my luggage back was 9.3kg heavier than when I left, plus I spent xxx on my mom's credit card and am also in debt to Gracia and Peiling, so that gives you a rough idea on how much things I bought...

Day 2:

In Hong Kong we'd go to the Hong Kong version of Hong Kong Cafe almost every day (what a mouthful; look at the number of Hong Kongs in that phrase) for their kickass Milk Tea and Condensed Milk Buns.

Haha good part about being overseas is you don't really care how you look or dress.

Asking for directions. We shopped at those street markets and the stuff there is really alot cheaper than here. Like tops, bags and shoes are all about S$10 each woohoo.

Cold noodles with whatever topping you want, S$1! Sheesh we were so saying we could set up something like this in Singapore, I mean all the ingredients and everything is pre-cooked and kept cold so it's pretty easy to prepare. And here you could definitely sell it for more than $1.

You know how restaurants often serve you hot tea? In Hong Kong people use it to wash their utensils.

Day 3:
Took a train to Shenzhen! (That's in China by the way...) You actually need your passport and etc to go there. The place was absolutely PACKED and everyone's clutching their bags to their chests cause pickpockets there are really rampant.

Hate the shopkeepers there, they are so sly and cheating. They all state an exorbitant price for an item upfront, and then slash it when you walk away and say a lot of other bullshit. It's obviously understandable that they're just trying to eke out a living, but it gets really tiring for everyone left and right to be trying to cheat you.

Sheesh at least I didn't go overboard with shopping, everything I had purchased could be stuffed into the blue bag I bought. Bought 3 pairs of shoes in Shenzhen; with one costing only S$3!

Day 3:
More shopping plus heading to Victoria Peak for the view and Mdm Tussaud's WAX MUSUEM. 
Generally the weather in Hong Kong is pretty good. Afternoons are warm enough to wear shorts/dress while mornings and evenings require a sweater/jacket. The locals are all bundled up like it's still winter though.

Father Bean, Mother Bean, Baby Bean (girl), Baby Bean (boy). Wtf?!

Kkk just pretending to get into a Merc lah.

On the ferry to New Hong Kong Island (I think that's what it's called).

Tram ride! The slope is freaking steep, quite amazing the tram going up to Victoria Peak doesn't just slide backwards.

Freaking cold up there, especially when it got dark. We had to queue out in the cold for the tram ride back down and it was really freezing!


Who the hell is she anyway?


Ja Hitler.

PAP ftw!

PIERCE BROSNAN 4 EVAZ down with Daniel Craig!!!!!

Always thought I'd make a better wife than Victoria Beckham! K kiddingz I'm not skinny and toned enough, have you seen her muscles manz. Back in Sec4 it was my goal to become a WAG (Wife and Girlfriends of footballers) hahaha.

Sorry sitting on one Beatle, thus covering his face.

Rest of the photos another time. After all the cheap shopping in Hong Kong I don't have the drive to look at the F21 website anymore. Will take photos of all my purchases soon!

Watched My Bloody Valentine 3D last night, the 3D effects were quite cool although it made the rest of the film like background scenery and etc a little fuzzy. Kind of gory, but the Jekyll-Hyde ending was a little lame. Watch it for the 3D effects!!

And yeah ALevel results out tomorrow ): no need to remind me. 
Am terrified, trying not to think about what I'll do if I get like really bad results. Honestly can't gauge how I'll do cause I've no idea how much I could have salvaged of my bad two years in JC in the final lap leading up to exams. Sigh fingers crossed.
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