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Hong Kong Day 5; DISNEYLAND

Saturday, March 07, 2009
So yesterday I collected my ALevel results ):
I got A for H1 Geog (quite miraculous since I failed the whole of J2) and C for GP wtf wtf wtf.
A for H2 French, B for H2 Bio and C for H2 Math and Chem.
So ABC for As I guess? Not sure if it's BCC instead since although my French is a H2, isn't it like kind of a useless subject for Uni?

Cried only a little cause I can't say I don't deserve these grades. I'd have liked an A for Bio though, but I kind of neglected it trying to pull up my Math and Chem. And damn it, C for GP sob sob sob I got B throughout my J2 year wth...

Sigh anyway I am very sick of thinking about ALevels, ALevel results, Uni and SATs so here are the Disneyland pictures:

In the MTR

That's the special Disneyland train to bring us there!!!

The statuettes at the back differ for each couch.

Mickey ears!

At the train station, which has mickey ears all over and the Mickey magician hat for pillars.

I WURV THIS UMBRELLA. AND I BOUGHT IT HAHAHA. So bloody useless cause it can only fit one person, plus it's very big (non-retractable kind). And it cost me S$24. But it is so cool I will bring it to uni every day!

Hong Kong Disneyland is split into 3 sections: Adventureland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, plus the Main Street which is where the shops are.

HAHA I myself remarked that I look like I have a tummyache here. Anyway that's Tarzan's treehouse behind.

On the jungle river boat ride.

Looks quite real right.

With Minnie Mouse! She was motioning with her hands that I am very tall haha. Anyway bet she is insanely bored inside that suit.

On the Winnie the Pooh ride.

S$20 for one balloon please.

Omg the Autopia car rides was the lamest ride ever. The car has an accelerator pedal and a steering wheel but you follow some track anyway so you don't even need to steer. All I did was just keep ramming into Peiling and Gracia's car to occupy myself.

Hong Kong Disneyland has pretty good landscaping and stuff, but the attractions SUCK. There are like maybe 7 rides? All of which are not even mildly scary or adrenalin-pumping. None even require you to like, deposit your bag or whatever and most can do without a safety bar.

But the fireworks show was awesome! So pretty:

Main Street and the Castle in the background. Totally deserted because we were one of the last losers finally willing to leave Disney.

Ticket entry cost about S$70, plus we all went mad at the souvenir shop and blew another S$60+ on Disney memorabilia, and that was after a lot of heart-wrenching decisions to not buy some items.

We were one of the last tourists to leave Disneyland, so the staff gave us all their free Disney stickers! Each of us got a stack of it, and those are the characters below. Not really sure which Disney characters we are missing aside from Daisy.

I've like, 6 Eeyores or something haha. Gracia and I gave this little angmoh girl on the plane back quite a few of our spare stickers aww so cutesy.

Quite nice to relive Disneyland again through blogging, but it's back to the real world of getting a job asap and uni application sigh. But, I went to the zoo today!

OH AND MY DRIVING INSTRUCTOR DAMN CREEPY. He messaged me asking if I was home. Not sure if he meant home like house-home or back-in-Singapore-home but anyway I just said Oh back in Singapore already. And he replied: Ok miss u.
OMG CREEPY I didn't reply after that. Need to start lessons again soon though zzz getting bored of driving haha.

Watched Push last night, Dakota Fanning was quite cool as were some of the telekinetic powers. Overall the show was kind of confusing and sucky though, and there wasn't much of an ending so I guess this screams sequel..
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