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Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Haha yesterday I thought to myself that I had better quit before they fire me, because after 2 laborious weeks of trawling through 30,000 transactions, my final figures didn't tally. SOB.

Chloe: They should fire you anyway, you're always sleeping.

But... anyway I found my error so guess I won't be fired just yet!

Swing and I both got the retarded Hello Kitty phone accessory cum screen wiper thingy.

LEFT FOR DEAD woohoo bang bang bang kill 'em all kill 'em all! DIE all you zombiez.

There was a little mobile Stitch, I freed it from its confines (it was tied and hence "walking" in circles. Really, the goodness of my heart surprises me) and beckoned it over. So cutesy!

I finally got round to submitting my application for NUS.
Sophie says: (12:42:12 AM)
i damn scared to submit please like deciding my life!!!!
Clair ♡ says: (12:42:48 AM)
i submit for you la $5 svc charge

Watched Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li (yes I know, wtf?). OMG IT WAS SO BAD. Edmund Chen's in it haha so random. The storyline really sucked. I'm assuming Chun Li is supposed to be pure Chinese, but even if not, she changed from a distinctly Chinese little girl, to a mixed-blood prepubescent and finally to a grown-up mostly Caucasian-looking gaunt woman acted by Kristin Kreuk (Smallville anyone?).  Kristin Kreuk's Chinese was absolutely horrendous.

Anyway today I was late for work because this morning I decided to ZhNg my bedside phone hahaha:

All it needs now are atypical diamantes and what not right.

Okay one more important decision to make; what to wear tomorrow?! Goodnight one and all. I rest my weary eyes but will no less be plagued by my ever-persistent eyebags.
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