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Monday, March 16, 2009
Job sucks. Aside from the dreary monotony, it totally robs me of my time. Whatever part of the day that isn't spent in office is used to try and cram as much fun/quality time as possible to make up for my boring day, meaning I am severely deprived of sleep. Then I get cranky the next day so it spoils my intended fun-time. Am I making sense? Whatever I am also having a sore throat.

Anyway pictures from Zouk on Friday night before I fall asleep at the computer:

Swing was horrible that night... I was the only one left to take care of her sheesh. The most retarded is that the next day she called to apologize and said she'd make it up to me by buying me drinks. Haha the irony.

Jude and Jeric.

Amanda and Chloe.

Diana and Nauveed

They got quite high -_- and hence stupid.

All three of them got happy...

Haha recognise the Soulja Boy dance errrr...

Liak actually paid for entry and then sat there the whole time. Think he might even have fallen asleep.

Haha Swing was having an eye infection. She went wearing contact lens in one side and then gave up and took them out and hence was practically half blind. Not cool.

NUS Open House on Sunday, campus looks quite big! Okay I think I'm pretty much set on FASS (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences). At least I don't have to choose my major till Year 2 so that's quite good. There's Burger King at the FASS building haha. Alright must not count my chickens before they hatch and all that, I haven't even applied.

Driving lesson, omg gross my instructor said he misses me and asked me "go makan together after lesson" wtf wtf. At least my driving skills haven't gone rusty! Am only on 7th lesson zzz.

Sat alone in the dark and tried to make friends with a neighbourhood cat. I asked it to keep me company but it walked away. Sang out loud to fill the silence and waited for you to come.

Maybe we'll go for a ride
You said you'd take me nowhere
I said that suits me just fine
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