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Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Sophie: "Why are you still up?"
Mother: "Because I'm not down."

Omggggg it is SO LOUD seriously I will never ever let my kids have a drum set.

Look, that ring is a chop! Like it gives little star.. chops.. you know.. Anyway, I lost the cover so I started getting little blue stars everywhere on myself..

Loser. So late then finally start taking her BTT. But then again, if she takes private like me, she might still finish before Chloe who started the same time as me but is learning via school haha.

HEHEZX sibei camwhorezxz but it's simple enough, once I've taken a picture in something then I can put it into my mental "sell off" pile, if I ever get round to it.

L4D last night again bang bang bang and I felt generous so I paid for all our 1.5hrs (need to rush for last bus!) and I just googled L4D cheats woohoo. Okay now I'm downloading some other Mac demo game.

Sheesh the maid has disappeared but I have refused to become the maid again, it is so dreary... I offered the job to Chloe hahaha and she was rather tempted (the $10 an hour a maid gets beats Frolick/Admin/most other temp jobs). "I don't mind! I'll vacuum and everything!"

But in the meantime, I am getting a natural carpet from the amount of hair I drop (everyone drops an average of 100 hairs a day, but looking at the length of mine, and the fact that I both have a lot of hair, as well as drop generally more...) and my clothes are piling up in the laundry basket.
Hmph. CHILD NEGLECT!!!! But being the kind hearted soul that I am, I shall take the onus of some household chores upon myself.... Tata.
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