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Tuesday, April 07, 2009
So yesterday I once again failed to ignore the dangers of procrastination and as such, paid another hefty cab fare. I bought a leopard-printed dress for the sake of having a leopard-printed dress, and plus I have to alter it. I ate a perfectly circular sunny-side up egg and finished one entire L4D game. I tried apple jelly and told the boyfriend I loved him. I also completed my SMU application and amassed a thick stack of documents to submit comprising my SAT score, CCA records, OLevel certificate and so on, but lacking the most vital of them- my ALevel results slip, because I do not know where it is.

"List and describe the highlights of your three most valuable achievements, contributions and experience in context of three activities. (Max 300 words)"

2:59:54 AM Sophie; says:
i should put some note like p.s. O.M.G i think your school is SO totally better than like, NUS or NTU or whatever
3:00:02 AM Kimberrrrly. ): says:
omg NO?!
3:00:04 AM Sophie; says:
you like, are like, located in TOWN
3:00:16 AM Sophie; says:
NTU is like, where again?
3:00:23 AM Sophie; says:
and you like, have Subway and all
3:00:38 AM Kimberrrrly. ): says:
you might as well put, THE PROFESSORS ARE WAY BETTER
3:00:42 AM Kimberrrrly. ): says:

Decisions decisions. Stickers on the envelope!
Anyway in the meantime, go check out fmylife.
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