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Monday, April 13, 2009
Dinner at The Wine Company, the food was good and less expensive than expected.

Million Dollar Smile.

"My eyelashes confirm longer than yours lah. Longer than all girls' ". (sad but true)

Holly, Smith and I.

Down to Zouk. Yeah you get to see me a little red:

Some random drunk dude.

Fat face award!

Amanda and Issey, and the most disgusting Vodka on the table. Amanda- "tastes like B.O!"

Smith and Marco!

Reaching for peanuts. Nothing new there.

I applied for School of Social Sciences in SMU and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in NUS. Originally I wouldn't really have seen myself ending up studying arts and humanities, but I've even less interest in doing business and it should be interesting anyway so yeah...

Anyway apparently I'm supposed to receive a confirmation email for my SMU interview tomorrow, but I haven't gotten it! SOB. Maybe they are re-considering boohoo.

Oh and I've also already hit 82% of Blogger/Picasa's photo uploading storage space. Zzzz think I eventually may have to pay for more.

OKAY WAIT I JUST GOT MY CONFIRMATION EMAIL! Alrighttttt. But yuck so now I actually have to starting preparing myself mentally for the interview. And seriously, I can't believe I have to bring a whole new set of photocopied supporting documents; I mean what about the ones we all already submitted?

Kkk bye bye I'm going to eat.
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