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Saturday, April 04, 2009
technicolor sunset says: (3:07:18 PM)
what did the tree say to the dog
Sophie; says: (3:07:46 PM)
technicolor sunset says: (3:07:53 PM)

So not worth it.... The flinching, white knuckles and grimaces...

Standard Marco Pose.

I played L4D for the 4th day in a row, watched Paul Blart Mall Cop (damn lame), saw a man get his ear scalpel-ed for expansion without the slightest flinch, sat in the longest car ride ever to a chalet and added about 3 new items to my cart.

Hmm I need to get round to doing something with my hair, as well as clean up my room. But! We have a new maid woohoo.

L4D anyone?!
Sophie; says: (4:45:39 PM)
i'm at the wiki
technicolor sunset says: (4:45:43 PM)
Sophie; says: (4:45:50 PM)
Specifically, the four campaigns are: "No Mercy", an urban setting culminating in a hospital; "Death Toll", a small-town and countryside setting; "Dead Air", an airport setting; and "Blood Harvest", a woodland and farm setting.
technicolor sunset says: (4:46:00 PM)
i realised.......................... we're damn geeky
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