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Saturday, May 30, 2009
Hello, yesterday was my first day of work as a waitress at Hard Rock Cafe, and second day today.

Sophie: Going to work!
Mother: Work? In your vocabulary meh?

Wahlewz. It's my first time working F&B! (not that I've done retail before either..) Rudy and I applied together and it's understandable that they split us up but he got HOST -stands at the door to welcome guests, handles reservations etc- and I got SERVICE -waitress.
Which totally does NOT make sense cause being a girl I already have trouble carrying all the heavy stuff like ice buckets and trays of cutlery and jumbo plates, and Rudy has prior F&B experience whereas I have none.

In front of the Staff Welfare Board:
Rudy: "Notice the board is blank."

JOB IS SO TIRING. The senior staff are like all waiter versions of Paul Blart Mall Cop... Customer (must be called "guests" at HRC) breathed! He must want something! Attend to him!

HRC is really nitty picky down to the slightest details. Fork and knife 2 fingers' spacing apart. 7 packets of each type of sugar in the bowl. Salt must be behind the white sugar packets, pepper behind the brown sugar packets. Etc etc etc. And by the way we had a 2-hour Powerpoint Presentation on The History of Hard Rock Cafe.

The first day was horrible, I was really aching all over. Today was better. I've no idea why I'm still in this job and not quitting after 1 day like two of our other friends, but I just want to get the satisfaction of finishing my training and being awarded my own table station to handle!

P.S. Staff meals DO NOT consist of HRC food!!!!! It's just some boring nonsense like rice and chicken with veggie. The only freebie we get is like access to the refillable drinks- ILT, Coke, Sprite etc.

Tata working tomorrow too, I need to do a minimum of 3 shifts a week!

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor

Thursday, May 28, 2009
I once saw the above line somewhere on the Internet and have been saving it since then for Jeannie. Ta-dah!

Now that I have bangs I can take pictures on the right too! Wawawee.

HIE I WORE HEELZ and towered over everyone else (short friends).

I took only ONE. Sensibleness Award to me.

Jude and Brandon actually waited like 2 hours for us in Clarke Quay cause they'd have to pay to enter anywhere whereas for us it's Ladies Night.

OMG look at my left leg. Is that. MUSCLE I see?! (I'm not exactly very sporty) Haha omg shocked.

Gone gone gone all gone.

Free lollipops at Attica.

One more for the collection!
P.S. I want my rubber band back.
P.P.S. We still love you!


Zomgz you so KewLz. Pointing middle finger in photos is The Shit/The Sex/So Dope/etc.

Today I ventured into the new Circle Line. ECSTATIC!
I already have 15 buses at my house, 4 of which go straight to town. Now an MRT station at my door step too. SPOILT FOR CHOICE WOOHOO.

Now I shall indulge in vanity and spend the next minute pondering the dilemma of What Colour To Paint My Nails?
I could get round to accepting either NUS or SMU's admission offers. Or maybe, just maybe, look at getting a bed for my room. (Although EVERYONE knows that beds aren't really necessary. Laptops and a flat-screen TV are more pertinent. It's a BEDroom you say? Too bad) But I would have so much more fun creating babies and destroying marriages in Sims2. Bye!

pom pom

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Sob driving test in a few hours. I know it's the wrong mentality to have and that thinking this way I have failed already blah blah blah but honestly I can almost only see myself screwing it up!
I wasn't gonna blog that it's my test so that if I fail I can keep it all hush hush haha but whatever ugh...
Anyway I am very excited that Sims3 is finally gonna be launched! Boyfriend has had his friend order one for me already. Woohoo can't wait! 6 more days!

Was so nervous. Completing each of the 6 obstacles in the circuit (parallel parking, not rolling backwards on a slope etc) was like a milestone.
The sense of relief is really unparalleled. Okay I sound quite loser, I'm sure many others have passed on their first try but I didn't feel prepared at all with like 20/21 lessons under my belt.

I got penalised for one lack of checking rearview mirror, another for abrupt lane changing. Some other minor stuff here and there too but whatever I passedddddd woohoo.

Tata, Zouk and Attica later!

I used to be this smart till I became this stupid

Sunday, May 24, 2009
That was pretty much the only thing that came to mind as I sorted through all my school stuff. Kind of miss school. Not school per se, with the revisions for ALevels and failing everything and being late and all that, but just miss KNOWING things. But probably didn't know as much as I should have for my exams. Well, that's that.

Anyway so I've finally moved all my stuff that was previously strewn around the house back into my renovated room. Ah yes but missing one small thing. A Bed. Back-to-basics mattresses lose their novelty after a while.

Butter Factory last night. My bangs kept getting those hideous partings that all bang-ed (I know what you're thinking! :o) girls are unlucky to be inflicted with. But that was the most minor of all the mishaps that night, which can pretty safely let me label yesterday as one of the Worst Nights of 2009.

Alright time to satisfy my late night hunger pangs.
P.S. It is actually Monday 2.30am but I'd rather make this a Sunday post. wtvvvvv :]