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Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Hie random pictures from PandasWithPistols. I realise there are a lot of items Tiffany hasn't actually put up for sale yet, and this Monday was the longest we took to complete all the shots (5hours!).

Studio's in Clementi and Rudy stays in the East, East to West no joke ok. I was 25 minutes late and still the earliest for another good 10minutes. Sheesh -_- (zomgz sMileY).

Doralin (super skinny! unfair). Tiffany's the one taking pictures and also the owner of the entire PWP thingy haha.

Haha the studio has like free-flow packet drinks and we each finish like 4 packets every time.

I kept the caged heels!

Rudy ORD-ed today, and didn't stop proclaiming it for 10 minutes. The amazing return of The Pink IC! Convoy (okay 2 cars) to Bukit Batok just to send Smith home, chance encounter with a real convoy of army tanks- winding down of windows- "ORD loh!".

Invitation to SMU's tea with the Dean, and NUS' FASS open house. Both, coincidentally (or not), on the same day. Not that I'm really planning to go for either.

P.S. Marley is here at Rudy's too! He has a temporary location by the living room windows, and is adoringly (I assume all gods are animal-loving) watched over by the gods occupying the shrine Rudy's mom has put up.
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