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Friday, May 15, 2009
Sophie: Hello mother. I just cut bangs. Look like cut with bowl. See me will laugh haha.

Down to Zouk with my new bangs instead of my new clothes. I laugh whenever I look at my hair. To me it's kind of like a funny joke, except that it's a pity I can't just take it off like my Minnie Mouse ears or something...

14th May- 2nd Month Anniversary! Good job woohoo.
Watched Angels & Demons which was okay-ish for me but that's cause I forgot most of what the book had said, but Rudy just read it and he says it's vastly different.

Unglam haha.

Stupid hair. Okay I don't think it's THAT bad lah once you start getting used to it.

Haha pushing Rudy's stupid foot above (featured above).

Running out of clothes (especially undies). Driving test in less than 2 weeks! Sob. 15 lessons so far, is that near enough?

Okay tata Rudy is rushing me and Chloe is waiting zzz.
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