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Saturday, May 30, 2009
Hello, yesterday was my first day of work as a waitress at Hard Rock Cafe, and second day today.

Sophie: Going to work!
Mother: Work? In your vocabulary meh?

Wahlewz. It's my first time working F&B! (not that I've done retail before either..) Rudy and I applied together and it's understandable that they split us up but he got HOST -stands at the door to welcome guests, handles reservations etc- and I got SERVICE -waitress.
Which totally does NOT make sense cause being a girl I already have trouble carrying all the heavy stuff like ice buckets and trays of cutlery and jumbo plates, and Rudy has prior F&B experience whereas I have none.

In front of the Staff Welfare Board:
Rudy: "Notice the board is blank."

JOB IS SO TIRING. The senior staff are like all waiter versions of Paul Blart Mall Cop... Customer (must be called "guests" at HRC) breathed! He must want something! Attend to him!

HRC is really nitty picky down to the slightest details. Fork and knife 2 fingers' spacing apart. 7 packets of each type of sugar in the bowl. Salt must be behind the white sugar packets, pepper behind the brown sugar packets. Etc etc etc. And by the way we had a 2-hour Powerpoint Presentation on The History of Hard Rock Cafe.

The first day was horrible, I was really aching all over. Today was better. I've no idea why I'm still in this job and not quitting after 1 day like two of our other friends, but I just want to get the satisfaction of finishing my training and being awarded my own table station to handle!

P.S. Staff meals DO NOT consist of HRC food!!!!! It's just some boring nonsense like rice and chicken with veggie. The only freebie we get is like access to the refillable drinks- ILT, Coke, Sprite etc.

Tata working tomorrow too, I need to do a minimum of 3 shifts a week!
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