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Sunday, May 24, 2009
That was pretty much the only thing that came to mind as I sorted through all my school stuff. Kind of miss school. Not school per se, with the revisions for ALevels and failing everything and being late and all that, but just miss KNOWING things. But probably didn't know as much as I should have for my exams. Well, that's that.

Anyway so I've finally moved all my stuff that was previously strewn around the house back into my renovated room. Ah yes but missing one small thing. A Bed. Back-to-basics mattresses lose their novelty after a while.

Butter Factory last night. My bangs kept getting those hideous partings that all bang-ed (I know what you're thinking! :o) girls are unlucky to be inflicted with. But that was the most minor of all the mishaps that night, which can pretty safely let me label yesterday as one of the Worst Nights of 2009.

Alright time to satisfy my late night hunger pangs.
P.S. It is actually Monday 2.30am but I'd rather make this a Sunday post. wtvvvvv :]
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