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Thursday, May 28, 2009
I once saw the above line somewhere on the Internet and have been saving it since then for Jeannie. Ta-dah!

Now that I have bangs I can take pictures on the right too! Wawawee.

HIE I WORE HEELZ and towered over everyone else (short friends).

I took only ONE. Sensibleness Award to me.

Jude and Brandon actually waited like 2 hours for us in Clarke Quay cause they'd have to pay to enter anywhere whereas for us it's Ladies Night.

OMG look at my left leg. Is that. MUSCLE I see?! (I'm not exactly very sporty) Haha omg shocked.

Gone gone gone all gone.

Free lollipops at Attica.

One more for the collection!
P.S. I want my rubber band back.
P.P.S. We still love you!


Zomgz you so KewLz. Pointing middle finger in photos is The Shit/The Sex/So Dope/etc.

Today I ventured into the new Circle Line. ECSTATIC!
I already have 15 buses at my house, 4 of which go straight to town. Now an MRT station at my door step too. SPOILT FOR CHOICE WOOHOO.

Now I shall indulge in vanity and spend the next minute pondering the dilemma of What Colour To Paint My Nails?
I could get round to accepting either NUS or SMU's admission offers. Or maybe, just maybe, look at getting a bed for my room. (Although EVERYONE knows that beds aren't really necessary. Laptops and a flat-screen TV are more pertinent. It's a BEDroom you say? Too bad) But I would have so much more fun creating babies and destroying marriages in Sims2. Bye!
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