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Friday, May 08, 2009
Hihi my room makeover is starting on Monday! Meaning I have this whole weekend to clear out the mess that is my room (EVERYTHING including the contents of my wardrobe omg). Seriously just looking at it gives me a headache already; I have way too much stuff.

The renovations are gonna take close to 10 days so it's a week-long slumber party at Rudy's I guess! Woohoo ceiling fan, new air-con, new beds, built-in wardrobe and table etc etc.

Wall beside my bed. This photo was from a while ago so there might be new additions by now.

Purple peanut-shaped table with pink legs (and IKEA measuring tape wrapped around them) on the left.

Useless whiteboard and remnants of ALevel revisions below (Seventeen magazine included).

Mess of vanity area and my hardcover comics below.

Bean bag at the foot of my bed! My mom wants me to give it to Rudy but sob I still want it.

Barefooted hobo he claims.

Need to finally get wireless in my house once the renovations are done.

Know how people always talk about latching onto the neighbour's wireless and what not? But sheesh I wound up with selfish neighbours who password-protect theirs so people like me cannot freeload off them. Where's the neighbourliness?! See now instead I will actually have to be an honest citizen and pay money like everyone else for my own wireless account (we actually already have it but forgot the password..) $_$
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