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Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Sob driving test in a few hours. I know it's the wrong mentality to have and that thinking this way I have failed already blah blah blah but honestly I can almost only see myself screwing it up!
I wasn't gonna blog that it's my test so that if I fail I can keep it all hush hush haha but whatever ugh...
Anyway I am very excited that Sims3 is finally gonna be launched! Boyfriend has had his friend order one for me already. Woohoo can't wait! 6 more days!

Was so nervous. Completing each of the 6 obstacles in the circuit (parallel parking, not rolling backwards on a slope etc) was like a milestone.
The sense of relief is really unparalleled. Okay I sound quite loser, I'm sure many others have passed on their first try but I didn't feel prepared at all with like 20/21 lessons under my belt.

I got penalised for one lack of checking rearview mirror, another for abrupt lane changing. Some other minor stuff here and there too but whatever I passedddddd woohoo.

Tata, Zouk and Attica later!
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