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Rudy: "I can't sit. My jeans are too tight."

Thursday, May 21, 2009
My bangs are not only too short, they're also uneven. When I pointed that out to the hairdresser, he said "It's not crooked. It's your eyebrows that are uneven". Zzz -_-

Anyway, met up with some old friends the other day, Tabatha (which honestly till now neither Cass nor I are sure how to pronounce it- Teuh batha, or TAHbatha- so we both decided just saying Tabs was safest), Emiko and Cassandra.
L-R below:

OoOo FiErCe

Wah seriously I look a little girl here.

Cause Emiko started taking ballet lessons.

Different ages and backgrounds (I'm the youngest at 19 while Cass is 23) but we all face the same issues i.e. family and boys. With 10 exes- double digit :o - and an ongoing relationship of 4.5 years, Cassandra has declared herself the relationship guru.

L4D just now on Advanced Level wow wow aren't we going places.

Fought with my driving instructor again today in the driving circuit. He was being extra naggy and annoying this time (e.g. turning the wheel while I am also turning it) so after a bout of wheel-control wrestling, I jam braked.
(Not fun, the whole car lurches forward suddenly but anyway I was only on gear 1.)
He pretended nothing happened but he annoyed me again so I did it a second time. After that he refused to talk to me HAHAHAHA.
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