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Sunday, May 17, 2009
Down to OFS (Overseas Family School) behind Orchard the other day for Rudy's tennis coaching session. As in, he coaches tennis. Not gets tennis lessons.

Omg the little kids are damn cute! Like you see all these small little angmoh furballs (like a little person with a bush of hair on top sheesh) running around after a ball.

Haha Dal plucked out some Frolick buttons/badges from the walls and Jeannie got mad pissed..

Sophie: "Would you want an inflatable gnome?"
Rudy: "No."
Haha cute what! But utterly useless. UO (Urban Outfitters) comes up with the most random shit sometimes.

Woohoo visited my new room, it looks nice! Pictures soon once I move my stuff back in. I can have a room-warming party!
Oh wait I still have no bed. Like sleeping on a mattress woah gHettO; Diana says the cockroaches will come get me (but my house doesn't have any hmph. They only go to people like aforementioned Diana).

Okay another PandasWithPistols photo-taking sessionz tomorrow, time to get a real job asap.
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