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Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Chloe: I jumped out from a moving car. I hit my nose and the car hit my ass and I was hanging from the door my armpits hurt.
Sophie: HUH. Why?!
Chloe: Cos Jude and Alvin thought it would be funny.

11pm with people nothing better to do than go all the way to Changi to hang out. (Minus one aching Chloe). Alvin let me drive all the way! Woohoo driving at night is a lot nicer, I can straddle lanes all I want.

SAFRA chalet:
Jude, Alvin, Jeannie.

Diana cabbed down ($30 hahaha) after her movie with the Zouk staff. Haha seriously what's with the Frolick and Zouk staff outings. I need to get me some Hard Rock Cafe outings too.

That's hair across my face, not a really weird jawline. And that's also me sliding across the floor on a sofa cushion.

Diana has become an alcoholic since joining Zouk as a door bitch! She made the 4 of us finish the Vodka bottle (mine- "Sheesh Jeannie what have you contributed tonight?" "My presence". Quite a joke since she died on the couch) and had the boys pleading for less drinks. Good me didn't drink as much! Boyflen will scold.

Anyway thank goodness for McDonalds that delivers all the way to the end of the earth aka Changi.

You know those electronic panels at town bus stops that tell you how long you've to wait for your bus? WELL THEY ARE BULLSHIT. (But okay lah actually all along they have been very accurate for my buses.)
What's with the "Arriving" that suddenly switches to a morbid 15minutes?! And it happened THRICE. Transport conspiracies coalescing to render a journey from Rudy's to mine a terrifying 1 hour 45 minutes. Sob.

Oh I've finally ordered a bed! Bye bye you Luddite mattresses. Hello pocketed springs and PVC headboards (walnut colour).

How do you annoy Lady GaGa?
Poke Her Face (Poker Face)!

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