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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Wow.. my tagboard has a life of its own. Looks more interesting than my life anyway, cause I've nothing to blog about.
New in my life: finished a 2-day print&video shoot (picturez soon), am contemplating quitting work, finally spoke to my dad on the phone, ate at the new restaurant Chili's (and wished I weren't working at Hard Rock cause new staff can't eat there), played Sims3 for like 5 hours straight, and received my first Nuffnang cheque yesterday.

Hi my bunch of keys! Little owl key cap ordered from F21, supposed to give one to all mah homiez but I keep forgetting to pass one to Jeannie while Chloe has no keys (?!) and I haven't seen Addie for like the past 6 months (coincidentally, or not, the duration of her latest relationship), so only Diana and Rudy have one.
Mickey Mouse cherries from HK Disneyland! AND.. Car keys woohoo!

If anyone assumed I was given a car, I'd like to know what nice world it is you live in, or what nice world you think I live in. Anyway no my mom passed me the spare set of keys, but she doesn't trust me with the car yet haha.
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