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Thursday, June 18, 2009
Driving all hunched over and stuck to the wheel for fun.
Oh I forgot to mention that I received my official driving license the other day! Retarded photo cause id photobooths make you look like crap and I took it just before heading for my driving test but who cares, I am officially a certified driver!


Jeannie, Sarah and I.

Hahahaha Bryan says that's what Sarah becomes once she gets high.

He says that's one of my standard poses.......

Advertisement for Zouk.

Kenneth, Alvin, Chloe and Jeannie.

Cause I know how whenever girls are wearing something with an interesting back, they all secretly wish someone would take a photo of the back. Well I do, anyway. (Plus generally interesting-back tops tend to have boring fronts.)

Sophie: My top damn decent today. Cannot even see my collarbones.
Chloe: Not slutty slutty ah.
Sophie: That's you.

Mega clumsy tonight. I like, literally walked into a pole. Was walking with my head down reading messages when Chloe and Rudy started shouting so my head shot up and I recoiled, just in time to slam my entire chest area into the pole hahaha.
Guess without the warning+recoiling, it'd have been my head first.

Omg and after that I tripped over the curb (was walking backwards, not very smart I know) and would have fallen flat on my face if I didn't reach out and grab Kenneth's bag. Hilarious.

Still at See How stage now wrt HRC (haha acronyms all the way), just leaning more to the quit side. Like 40% want to work, 60% want to quit. (Always view things in terms of percentages kids!)

P.S. Like, totally, like efficiency, like, personified. Got home from Zouk 1+ hour ago and photos uploaded already. Henceforth why I should always be the one with the Official Camera Of The Night (OC for short).
P.P.S. IF YOU ARE GOING TO WEAR HEELS, CAN YOU NOT DRINK? Or if you are going to drink, can you not wear heels? I keep getting my poor feet stabbed by drunk girls in stilettos!

Bye bye.
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