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Sunday, June 21, 2009
Some photos I did pretty long ago, if you can tell from the fact that back then I didn't have bangs yet.

And these are from randomly looking through my Photobooth. No one can resist the Photobooth on Macs..


I'm the cute little blur on the left!

The other time the Chicken Rice Aunty thought we were siblings... Asked Justin if we look alike- "Yah the eyebags." Sob.

Really really old.. Before my room makeover! Which I've yet to take pictures of, primarily because I still DO NOT HAVE A BED.

Swing, Brandon and Jeannie awwz.

Other news in my exciting life erm... I just joined an F21 spree, wow 2 days' pay gone!

Just now at Hard Rock Cafe I happened to be serving a Chicken Fajita, pronounced fah-hee-ta, to a young teenage boy, who asked "Is that the Chicken Fajita?". Nothing wrong with that you say, except that he pronounced it fah-jye-ta. Now say that softly and quickly and you realise the fah kind of sounds like vah and so on; I leave you to grasp the big picture (vah-jye...).
So I was just momentarily stunned and thought he was making a really lame sexual joke (an attempt to impress the gaggle of girls at his table), then I realised it was just weird pronunciation. Whatever.

Can't believe I've only worked 12 days at Hard Rock so far... I mean it's been 4 weeks since I started, but I can only be bothered to work the bare minimum of 3 days a week so that's 12 days. Can't believe I haven't even reached the 2 weeks' mark. Tata!

P.S. OMG THEY PLAY Jason Mraz- I'm Yours EVERY DAY AT HARD ROCK. In one night you'll get to hear it at least 3 times.
Once by the DJ, once by the band playing that night, and once more because someone is BOUND to request it. Soooooo sick of it. And a multitude of other songs like Coldplay's Viva la Vida that repeated playing has totally killed. Back to topic, re-tata!
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