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Saturday, July 25, 2009
Happy Birthday To Me! :D

Evening- Dinner at Ritz Carlton, oysters crabs prawns scallops cherries white chocolate woohoo!

Midnight- I was at home with Rudy and he left a while after wishing me <3

2am- Chloe, Jeannie, Jude and Alvin turned up at my door and surprised me with cake and chocolate (:

I changed out of my pjs and we went to buy McDonalds. Drove up to Seletar Dam for a midnight picnic haha.

Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe hahahahaha there are a few advantages of being an "alumni" you know!

Shuffling Bunny and Mickey Mouse Instax.

"Omg Addie why'd you take a picture?!"
"Oh oops how many shots do you have left?"

And a Hello Kitty balloon.

Hehezx 2 polaroids instead of 1!

Caleb cute huh.

Haha I've no idea what he's looking at in both photos.

NINETEEN. My last year as a teenager! Come next July 25th I'll be hitting the big -2-0- :o Scarieee I like being a teenager. Stupidity can be blamed on adolescence, but once you become an adult, stupidity is just... stupidity.

Bye bye, off to wallow in my newfound 19th-ness. Not like there's much difference from when I was 18, but never mind!
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