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Friday, July 17, 2009
You realise most of the time when there's someone you truly dislike/hate, it is so atypical, but it's probably because of a boy. The other day I thought I saw the girl whom a half-ex (lazy to explain) had cheated on me with.

At that heart-stopping moment I was just a flurry of different emotions coalescing to panic. Everything came rushing at once; the fear, incertitude, anger, and most of all, resentment. Obviously now it shouldn't matter anymore and in all honesty I can't pin the blame on her, but it was like dredging up all those old ghosts again.

It turned out that it wasn't her. But by the way I really did see her later that night. All the different factors of her coming back from studies overseas and being at the exact same place and time as I was, all perfectly aligned. No one said God doesn't have a sense of humour.

I'm going to learn to let go of it because it's over, and because I know that she didn't knowingly cause anything. I'll just never be able to bring myself to talk to her because she represents all those ghosts I'd like to keep away.

P.S. Snickers bar! Comfort food- Unhealthy (x100000)= Largely Unhealthy.
P.P.S. Try feeding your resident hamster a nut (unhealthily covered with an unhealthy amount of unhealthy caramel) from a Snickers bar. Increases your karma points.
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