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Wednesday, July 01, 2009



Sophie: Hahahaha classifieds got ad by 'well known debt collection agency' looking for staff. Imagine it's like loansharks putting the ad.

I know legitimate (debatable) loan agencies exist, but the alternative is much more interesting! Imagine a weedy looking accountant goes for the interview, fumbling and stuttering as he clutches his worn-out leather carrier. He enters a dark room lit by a solitary lamp hanging from the ceiling casting a cheap yellow circle on a rickety table. "You.. here for the interview ah?" And a fat man leans forward into the light. A fat man in a white singlet with gold chains hanging from his neck and a ring with a jade stone squatting his ring finger (and let's throw in the disgusting obscenely long pinkie nails) OKAY HUMOUR ME HERE.

I feel so productive, I just washed my Hard Rock uniform and the hamster's cage! Quite pathetic how my expectations of productivity have deteriorated haha.
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