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Tupelo Chicken Tenders please

Saturday, July 18, 2009
Went back to Hard Rock Cafe the other day for dinner, felt so weird to be served by our ex-colleagues! And also quite hilarious because we already know the menu and everything else like the back of our hands haha.

Haha you can practically see the eye roll at being forced to do this.

Yeah whenever I was Expo I had to wear the apron and cap too omg hahahaha. The Expo liaises with the Kitchen, adds all the necessary sauces to the dishes and dispatches so and so dish to its respective table.

(I don't smoke).

Watched Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince the day it came out, was slightly disappointing. It was a bit draggy, made worse by the fact that there was practically no action at all. Instead, it was all about the stupid puppy loves and crushes and all that roll eye stuff.
I really don't remember the book being that lacklustre. Wasn't there some fight or SOMETHING after Dumbledore died? I know this is a spoiler but if you hadn't read the book yet you deserve to die anyway. I on the other hand, could quote lines from the book as they were being said on screen- "You dare to use my own spells against me?!"

P.S. Ginny Weasley is taller than Harry Potter. HAHA. And she's kinda ugly.
P.P.S. Played L4D again, it's been a while! The latest development is that you can now play maps created by other users instead so that's pretty cool.
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