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Friday, August 07, 2009
NUS IS KILLING ME. I didn't get one of the modules I bid for and I've timetable clash for another so I had to drop it. Result? I'm missing two modules. Fingers crossed that I can get the ones I'm going to bid for soon, if not I'll have to appeal ): The Dean's Office actually called me this morning and emailed me twice but it was on NUS' myEmail- who checks that?! And the first email only came in yesterday.

Anyway my prospective Philosophy teacher has already emailed us twice... He sounds interesting though.
"John Holbo here. I'm the main lecturer for PH1101EGEM1004. I see from site stats that a few of you are starting to wander in, so here are a few facts."

"I have also uploaded the notes for my first lecture.......DON'T PRINT THE LONG VERSION. (It makes me sad when people do that, because it's killing the rain forest.) If you must print, print the short version. The long version is, like, 80+ slides long. Which is crazy. Everyone who's anyone will tell you that there is no lecture in the world that should be 80 slides long. But I know what I'm doing."

"One more important thing: the nuts&bolts lectures....... I realize it's inconvenient that I'm only telling you this now, but I just learned it myself about an hour ago. (My powers are limited, mighty though I am.)"

School starts next Tuesday :o I am not ready!
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